About Us

Aggregate Business Solutions was established in 2011 as BJ Creatives to provide computer technology services in software development, database management solutions and networking and hardware to businesses and organizations. It underwent a name change in January 2014 to better position itself as a provider of enterprise software solutions and computer solutions. Aggregate Business Solutions is a registered corporation with registration number RC 1169747.

Business Aggregate Solutions Ltd is registered to empower maturing organizations in developing economies like Nigeria to achieve their potential in a globalized economy. Our vision is to be the leading and most respected source of solutions to technology-related business challenges and as such, we invest resources in planning, building, operating and improving enterprise systems and related technologies. We partner with organizations to optimize the productive capacities of their business assets; and people deployed to exploit these assets. We develop global alliances  and partnerships that translate to local empowerment.

Our Service

Aggregate Business Solutions provides the following services:

Enterprise Software Development
Database Systems Development and Management
Web Based Solutions
Custom Made Solutions

Some of Our Clients